Oneway resizable script windows

Mark MacKenzie m.mackenzie at
Sat Sep 11 09:19:40 EDT 2004

Using the new rev 2.5  when I open an object's script and first mouse 
touch the script window it jumps and resizes.  If the original script 
window was larger than a certain size, it resizes automatically to this 
new smaller size.  I can change the width but no the max heigtht of the 
script window.  It now has a maximum vertical height of perhaps 25 lines 
of script.  I can resize it vertically shorter but not longer even when 
the script contained is much taller and I have to use the scoll bar to 
see the entire script.

I have reinstalled Rev 2.5 using the fresh download from RunRev and no 

This a new development within the last day or so.  Rev 2.5 when first 
intalled did not show these problems.
Older projects or newly created ones all show the same problem.

Is there a pref setting stored somewhere I can get at manually and make 
appropriate changes, do you think?

I am really getting frustrated with this one.

Thank you
Mark MacKenzie

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