Can we have a progress bar that shows how many percent of a subStack have been loaded?

Vikram Singh powai903 at
Sat Sep 11 07:42:13 EDT 2004

doesnt it freeze until the entire stack is loaded? my little experience says that since it is not a multiprocess system, *during* the loading of the stack the engine dedicates all resources to reading and loading the stack.
with a few line of code, you may perhaps use the "read from file", after breaking up the file into 50 portions independently read and pile up into a variable (say tvariable), updating the counter on the way. but finally when you use "go to tvariable" it will take it's own time to finally display as a stack. during that duration i dont think you have an update option.

Malte Brill <malte.brill at> wrote:
Hi list,

I´m creating a really biggish stack (many Images, Sounds and stuff. About 35
MB when it is finished.) I´d like to have a progress bar in a splash screen
that indicates how many percent of the substack have been loaded into

Is that possible?



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