lots of stack to manage....

douez at wanadoo.fr douez at wanadoo.fr
Sat Sep 11 07:37:01 EDT 2004


KM> Bon jour Thierry,

>> So, "Alles Kla"... have just to do it now :-)

KM> Your german is great, but you are handling the Rs very miserly* :-D
KM> * avarement

KM> Alles Klar?
KM> OK, it is pronounced as if there were no R... ;-)

Okay ! my german is almost as poor as my knowledge of Revolution's tricks :-)

I promess to learn it after revolution :-)

>> Thanks again to all of you
KM> A votre service, monsieur!

KM> Ciao caro mio, Klaus Major

Best regards, thierry Douez

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