lots of stack to manage....

thierry Douez douez at wanadoo.fr
Fri Sep 10 10:20:27 EDT 2004

Bonjour Klaus,

Friday, September 10, 2004, 3:21:00 PM, vous avez ecrit:

KM> Depending on the size of your data probably under 1 secs...
KM> If you mean you want to build the contents of the list-field from the 
KM> contents of some custom properties from different stacks, YES :-)

to be sure :-)
i'll have a lot of invisible stacks ( 100 ) quite greedy
of datas, but only text Datas saved into Properties; no objects into
these stacks.
In the list-field i need to pick up 3 or 4 properties ( just KeyWords )
in each of these stacks.
So i scan the result of files() to get the list of these stacks,
for each stack,
        put the P1 of theStack    into v1
        get the P2 of theStack    into v2
        get the P3 of theStack    into v3
        put theStack & tab & v1 and tab and v2 and tab & return after field "list-field"

then click and be happy if all of this is as faster as the speed of a thought
before having drink some beer...  right ?

KM> Hint:
KM> You can also SET these properties of "not opened" stacks!

i just tried this one :-)

KM> set the whatsoever of stack "C:/folder/stack.rev" to 1234
KM> save stack "C:/folder/stack.rev"
KM> ### NECESSARY in this case

Wunderbach !

KM> Au revoir mon ami...
KM> Klaus Major

My wife just left this morning for Koln.. nice city, nice country
she is German :-)

regards,  thierry

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