lots of stack to manage....

Robert Brenstein rjb at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Fri Sep 10 09:51:28 EDT 2004

>Well, thanks a lot especially to xavier, klaus ( Vielen Danke ), Robert...
>1) Ok for an index stack
>2) Ok using a list field with all my stacks' name in it
>3) Ok using the files() to get the list of stacks
>this one is interesting if the user has suppress some stacks
>from the Window's desktop.
>4) more precise question: in the list field i would like to put
>few parameters ( multi-columns ), each of these parameter could belong
>to these stacks or to be manage outside in the Main stack. Klaus says
>about almost no overhead; can I understand that i could get few properties
>( 3 or 4 ) of every stack, build the list with multiple columns and then
>view  it  in  a  list field..
>and the user would have to wait 3 or 4 seconds Max ????   ( acceptable )
>or these parameters has to be managed globally in the main stack ? they can
>be updated each time one of the stacks is modified or creaed.   I would prefer
>the first solution for not having duplication o the same information.
>this is the main point in fact :-)
>the problem is I can't check in live the final solution before a while
>( reengineering.. )    so, i'm looking for the right direction.

You could simulate the delay caused by getting all the info anew each 
time the list is displayed. It will depend on OS, available memory 
and hardware performance. For 100 stacks or so, it may be just a 

Re Klaus' post: even though the stacks are not really openned when 
you only fetch custom properties, they are nevertheless loaded in 
memory, so you need to close each after fetching the info (and the 
destroyStack of each stack must be true) if memory usage is an issue.

If a lot of those data stack are being often changed, it is probably 
reasonable to build the list each time. However, if most change 
seldom, than maintaining a a separate list stack may be beneficial. 
Your call.


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