lots of stack to manage....

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Fri Sep 10 09:21:00 EDT 2004

Bon jour Thierry,

> Hello Revolution's users,
>>  In the first version, for every script  ( laboratory experiment )
>>  i had a folder with few files and folders.
>>  Now, i would like to make a stack for every experiment; such a stack
>>  will contains the Datas of all the old files using custom properties;
>> but
>>  nothing more ( no user interface ).
>>  The size can be from 100kb up to 2 Mbyte of texts by stack.
>>  Would like to manage around  100 of these stacks.
>>  So, in the IDE, would like to be able to see the hundred stacks name
>> in one field; so the user can choose one of them with one click.
>>  My question is How to manage a list of all these stacks
>>  without putting them into RAM, except when the user choose One.
>>  Any tricks, ideas will be very much welcomed :-)
> Well, thanks a lot especially to xavier, klaus ( Vielen Danke ), 
> Robert...
> 1) Ok for an index stack
> 2) Ok using a list field with all my stacks' name in it
> 3) Ok using the files() to get the list of stacks
> this one is interesting if the user has suppress some stacks
> from the Window's desktop.
> 4) more precise question: in the list field i would like to put
> few parameters ( multi-columns ), each of these parameter could belong
> to these stacks or to be manage outside in the Main stack. Klaus says
> about almost no overhead; can I understand that i could get few 
> properties
> ( 3 or 4 ) of every stack, build the list with multiple columns and 
> then
> view  it  in  a  list field..
> and the user would have to wait 3 or 4 seconds Max ????   ( acceptable 
> )

Depending on the size of your data probably under 1 secs...

If you mean you want to build the contents of the list-field from the 
of some custom properties from different stacks, YES :-)

> or these parameters has to be managed globally in the main stack ?

No need for that...

> they can be updated each time one of the stacks is modified or creaed. 
>   I would prefer
> the first solution for not having duplication o the same information.
> this is the main point in fact :-)

Then this might satisfy you ;-)

> the problem is I can't check in live the final solution before a while
> ( reengineering.. )    so, i'm looking for the right direction.

You can also SET these properties of "not opened" stacks!

set the whatsoever of stack "C:/folder/stack.rev" to 1234
save stack "C:/folder/stack.rev"
### NECESSARY in this case

Au revoir mon ami...


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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