Rev cgi, PostgreSQL and standalones

Pierre Sahores psahores at
Fri Sep 10 04:15:15 EDT 2004

Hello Jan, Alejandro, Robert, JB,

I couldn't upload the rev's web app example i expected to share on my 
revonline account in response to your mails ;-! Is it my mistake or a 
bug in the Rev 2.5 build 2 issue (buildnumber 9, 2.6.1 engine) i'm 
currently using ?

I will put some of the old posts together in a more suitable pdf file, 
hopefully next WE.

If that can help to win time, i can post, off-list, a simple complete 
example app (linux and panther compatible) as a zip archive.

Best, Pierre

Le 9 sept. 04, à 12:50, Jan Schenkel a écrit :

> --- Robert Brenstein <rjb at> wrote:
>>> Hello Alejandro,
>>> I'm a little confused about a so kindly
>> congratulations. Thank you ;)
>>> I plan to write 80 pages about the subject in the
>> first quarter of
>>> 2005, freely available to the MC/Rev community and,
>> if possible, to
>>> find a fench publisher interested in printing a
>> paper issue
>>> dedicated to help to let know more about the Rev
>> based "n-tier" apps
>>> scope...
>>> Best Regards, Pierre
>> Praise is quite in order. However, Pierre, could it
>> be too much to
>> ask to combine your list posts and convert into a
>> short comprehensive
>> info for us to use sooner? You have really given
>> lots of useful
>> tidbits over time but as others stated the info is
>> spread in
>> different emails and varying level of detail, thus
>> hard to use.
>> Having it all together would be greatly appreciated.
>> Robert Brenstein
> I second this : as I'm just starting out with PHP at
> the moment, I'd love to leverage my Transcript
> knowledge to use Rev as an application server for my
> business logic, and build a rock-solid n-tier system
> that can handle plenty of connections and would only
> require customers to run a single server, unlike the
> Windows world where you'll often see 3 servers doing
> what you and I would do with a single Linux of MacOS X
> Server.
> Jan Schenkel.
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