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Fri Sep 10 03:38:51 EDT 2004

At 21:47 08.09.2004 -0400, you wrote:
>I have been having some problems trying to play audio files (wav files)
>in a player w/o quicktime on windows. the players in mc, rev 2.1 or 2.5
>will play wav files fine with quicktime on windows, but if i set
>dontuseqt to true on preopenstack or dont have quicktime installed on the
>machine, the audio files will not play. documentation says that audio
>files and video files (to some extent) should play w/o quicktime on
>windows. This happens on XP, 2000, and 98.
>the player is visible with no controller and buffered (although those
>dont matter).
>anyone have any ideas of why this is not functioning the way the
>documentation says? Has anyone played audio files on windows w/o
>quicktime using a player (ie not an audioclip).

using mciSendString will take care of yours needs. The scripts below will 
give you some ideas.

function myMCI tstring
   put mciSendString(tstring) into returnValue
   get the result
   if the result is not empty then
     return "error"
     return returnValue
   end if
end myMCI

function playmysound gShortname

   global gLongName --the complete name and path

   global ttime

   get myMCI("close myaudio")
   put "open"&& quote& gLongName & quote&& "type waveaudio alias myaudio" 
into tstring
   get myMCI(tstring)
   put myMCI("status myaudio length") into ttime
    if ttime is "error" or ttime is not a number then
     put 0 into ttime
     return ttime
   end if
   if myMCI("play myaudio from 0") is "error" then
     return 0
   end if
   return ttime

end playmysound

on mouseUp
   global gLongName
   put "C:/PROGRA~2/MetaCard/Program/FRAAND~2/t2_01m.wav" into gLongName
   put "t2_01m.wav" into gShortname
   if there is a file gLongName then get playMySound (gShortname)
end mouseUp

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