Mac Classic Apps Run Under OS X but Not On Native Classic

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Thu Sep 9 17:18:08 EDT 2004

>At 12:55 AM -0700 9/8/2004, Jan Schenkel wrote:
>>Allow me to agree wiht you in priciple but propose
>>sightly diferent contents :
>>- MacOS : the good old pre-OS X thing
>>- MacOS Classic : the compatibility environment
>>- MacOS X : the operating system of the future
>>- ...
>>This way, if you want to check for something that can
>>happen on a Mac, regardless of the OS version (such as
>>the use of an AppleScript), all you have to do is :
>>   if the platform contains "MacOS" then ...
>Good point. I agree.
>(Although now I'm wondering whether there should be a separate OS 
>function, with the "platform" becoming simplified -- Mac, Windows, 
>or Unix -- and the "OS" being more specific, e.g. "OSX" or "Classic" 
>or "MacOS", "Win95" or "Win2000" or "WinXP", or the various Unix 
>flavors, etc. Stop me before I rewrite syntax again! ;-)
>jeanne a. e. devoto ~ revolution at

Hmm, that is quite an interesting proposal to add a new function 
instead of overloading the platform. A big plus: the current meaning 
of platform is unchanged, so there is no backwards compatibility 
issues. And it affords the most direct way of checking.


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