selectedText from a palette?

Rich Lague laguer at
Thu Sep 9 01:27:46 EDT 2004

Thanks Paul-- But I can't seem to make that work either. I put this 
handler in the stack script of my main stack, (which is also the  

on testQ
   put the selectedText into field "card-name" of the current card
   set the name of the current card to the selectedText

end testQ

It works when called from a button in the topStack. But calling the 
testQ handler from a button on the palette does not seem to work.
I tried this script in a button on the palette:

on mouseUp

   set the defaultStack to the topStack
   send mouseUp to button "tester" of current card
end mouseUp

But, it doesn't work either.

Functionally, I can get it to do everything I want. But I will have one 
button on my main stack, and all the other buttons on the palette... 
kind of clunkly.


On Wednesday, September 8, 2004, at 07:36  PM, PaulBuzzy at wrote:

> I think the problem might be the "this card" reference. It probably 
> should be
> "set the name of the current card to the selectedText" - this card is
> refering to the card containing the script.
> Paul
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