Concept Problem with Backgrounds?

Arthur Urban aturban at
Wed Sep 8 22:04:08 EDT 2004

I hope I can convey this correctly...

Is there a way to refer to an object of a card that contains a background
not containing the object referenced?

I need to loop over all the cards that possess a particular background and
get at a field that also happens to be on every card of that background but
is not contained by that background (because the field also lives on other
cards without that background). Here's a simplified block of code:

Repeat with x = 1 to number of cds of bg "BG1"
   put fld "F1" of cd x of bg "BG1" into tVar
End Repeat

I am told by the compiler that the object does not exist when fld "F1" is
not a member of group "BG1". If I paste field "F1" into group "BG1" then the
code works fine.

~~~ Arthur

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