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I had problems with the default folder path during development and 
final distribution so I learned to put things in my preOpenStack and 
then to check for "development" as the environment. This works for 
menus as well. I kept this in the standalone build since it doesn't 
'hurt' anything.
Below is two things I do now on a regular basis, I just snipped them 
from my code. The fix is for the path and the setmymenus is for 
installing menus outside of the development environment. I first tested 
the menus in development and then have them actually set up outside of 
the development environment.


On preOpenStack
     if the environment is  "development" then
     fixDefaultFolder -- (code below)
	setMyMenus -- (whatever you need to do to set up your menus)
   end if
end preOpenStack

on startUp
   if the platform is "Windows" then
     set the dontUseQt to true
     set the dontUseQTEffects to true
   end if
end startup

on fixDefaultFolder
   put the fileName of this stack into tFileName
   set the itemDelimiter to "/"
   get item 1 to -2 of tFileName
   set the defaultFolder to it
end fixDefaultFolder

On Sep 8, 2004, at 11:45 AM, Meitnik at wrote:

> Tom:
>> I also like to put this in an on startup handler and check if we are 
>> in
>> the IDE and act on that. So that if we are still in the IDE then don't
>> set the menus and on build then set the menus. (after testing them of
>> course in the IDE)
> -- please explain more and with some code. I want to handle installing 
> a 
> menubar for mac/win32 smoothly and still work in IDE. Thanks for the 
> help. :)
> Andrew
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