more menu maddness, reply

Meitnik at Meitnik at
Wed Sep 8 11:40:25 EDT 2004

>Can you offer a little more information? For example, in what way does the 
SB no longer work? >Does it crash, does it make a standalone but it won't run, 
does it just throw up it's hands and say >"I'm outta here"? Also, it might 
help if you show us your script for the File button (or the handler >for it, if 
you put it in the menu group).

well, if I comment out the installing of my menubar on startup and then when 
my app is loaded, I uncomment out the installing of my menubar, SB will 
finally allow me to save to Standalone with a working menubar. So at least I have a 
work around.

As for the file Menu, I have only this:

Printer Setup...
Quit MyApp

The quit part goes where its suppose to under osx and it works, but my 
Printer Setup menuitem fails to show up at all. :(


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