Externals in OS X

Frank D. Engel, Jr. fde101 at fjrhome.net
Wed Sep 8 10:06:09 EDT 2004

Are you using the library, not the database query builder?  Then right, 
the ID number is only valid after a connection is opened with that 
running instance of the program.  A new connection needs to be reopened 
by *each* *instance* of your IDE or standalone, and the ID number may 
or may not be the same between them.  The connection is only "visible" 
within a running copy of the IDE or standalone.  Opening a connection 
from 2.2 will not open that connection from 2.5 -- even if you have 
both IDEs running at the same time.  You have to open the connection 
within 2.5 if you want to use it from 2.5, and quitting the IDE closes 
the connection, so you would need to open it again each time you start 
the IDE (or your standalone), and the ID number may be different.

I have had no problems working with PostgreSQL from Rev 2.2.1 and OS X 
(X.3 now, but X.2 previously), except in dealing with blobs (which is 
bugzilla'd, of course...)  I generally set things up like this:

In the stack script's preOpenStack handler, a login button's mouseUp 
handler, or whatever:

set the database of this stack to revOpenDatabase("PostgreSQL", 
"localhost", "myDatabase", "myUsername", "myPassword")

(after obvious substitutions)

When closing the stack, logging out, or whatever:

revCloseDatabase the database of this stack

When querying the database:

put revQueryDatabase(the database of this stack, "SELECT * FROM 
myTable") into q

And so on.

> that is the db I'm using and can't get it to work at all. I also tried 
> to connected with 2.2 and get the id number and use it with 2.5 but,  
> error, not a valid connection id. I'm forced to use 2.2 , well 
> hopefully not for to long I hope it'll be fixed very soon.
> Hersh

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