Mac Classic Apps Run Under OS X but Not On Native Classic

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto revolution at
Wed Sep 8 03:13:50 EDT 2004

At 9:50 PM -0700 9/5/2004, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>What's needed is a function added to the engine to let us know 
>whether we're native or under OS X when running OS 9 and earlier.
>What should it be called, and who wants to add it to Bugzilla?

My vote is to modify the platform function so it returns one of:

   MacOS -- Mac OS only
   Classic -- Mac OS running under OS X in the classic layer
   OSX -- OS X
   Win32 -- windows
   -- the various Unix platforms

The need to test the systemVersion to figure out whether you're 
running on OS X or Mac OS is a constant irritant, so this would put 
two birds out of commission with one stone. (It would also do some 
damage to backward compatibility, but I'm inclined to think it's 
worth it; I'm tired of not being able to use the platform function to 
distinguish between Mac OS and OS X, when that's the single test I 
need most often. Anyone else?)
jeanne a. e. devoto ~ revolution at

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