Why 10 hours for a newbie and 30 days for a "programmer"

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Wed Sep 8 00:57:12 EDT 2004

Dan Shafer wrote:

> You know, as I reflect on all this, I think the bottom line is simple. 
> Education is a very specialized market with very specialized needs, 
> demands, and expectations. Companies that focus their marketing energies 
> there might do well. Big companies who can focus budget there might do 
> well. Small companies who are not focused exclusively or nearly so on 
> education get eaten alive more often than they succeed.

Excellent point Dan.

When I was CEO at Human Code, we looked hard at breaking into the 
Education market. At the time, we did about $2M in quarterly sales and 
figured we could double it with the right entries into Education-- as we 
focussed primarily on Edutainment.

After a series of studies, it appeared the risk too great trying to 
'break-in' quickly. Only a lengthy and determined marketing effort using 
a 'swing for the fences' strategy was feasible, ultimately dissuading us 
at that time. At a later date and with greater funding and a less 
agressive approach, we did step lightly into the Education market with 
mixed results.

Suffice to say, I doubt RR has the resources for such a strategy, as the 
marketing and networking costs are even higher today than they were back 



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