responding to clicks in QT wired sprites?

Troy Rollins troy at
Tue Sep 7 22:38:24 EDT 2004

On Sep 7, 2004, at 2:15 PM, Trevor DeVore wrote:

>> I believe there has to be some initiative sent by the QT, in one of 
>> the forms you've mentioned. AFAIK, if the sprite is wired internally, 
>> but does not generate a message in one of those forms, then there 
>> isn't any way to "extract" the event.
> Just an update on this.  It turns out you can trap mouse clicks and 
> determine which sprite was clicked on and get all sorts of information 
> about the sprite.  I'm not sure how I would use this yet but it is 
> very interesting.  So in theory you could have a message passed to a 
> controller whenever a sprite was clicked on with it's ID, etc.

Which would allow you to do quite a lot without and Qscript at all I 
guess, if you generically retrieved those parameters... depending on 
the nature of the required interaction you could have very little 
actual script at all on the sprite in order to receive event 

Interesting indeed. I guess it would be most useful in cases where you 
needed to include a particular wired movie but had no access to the 
original movie source or scripting.
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