ANN: FTP Commander (the ftp browser Frank asked for...)

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Tue Sep 7 17:58:00 EDT 2004

on Mon Sep 6 2004 
Andre Garzia wrote:

>Motivated by a email from Frank Leahy, 
>I decided to see how fast I
>could make a FTP client for the masses. 
>The result is 5 hours.

>I was inspired by old XTree Gold, on the left side 
>is local, on right side is Server side. You can type 
>the full path in the field or press browse. You must 
>type in the full FTP URL (including user and pass) 

Hi Andre!

You really have the talent to boldly code
what no programmer has published before.
(from the "Star Trek" motto ;-)

Andre, I have some questions about FTP, 
now that you are on it:

How reliable and safe is FTP protocol?
Could it support resume on partial uploads
or downloads.

Could anyone (intentionaly) sniff the password
used to connect to a ftp server?

What additional features does RunRev requires
to implement the Secure FTP protocol?

Could i select an encripted file to 
get the users name and password from it
and connect to a ftp server to upload files?

(In this way the user do not have to write
their user name and password on the machine. 
Sometimes I had wished that all login screen 
provided an option to get the user id and 
password directly from a file in cd rom or floppy)

Thanks a lot Andre,
Keep up your good work!


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