Revolution 2.5 (build 2)

Mark Chia mark at
Tue Sep 7 17:53:51 EDT 2004

Hi Everyone,

We now have build 2 of Revolution 2.5 available for testing (OS X, OS9,
Windows and Linux). This is a very minor update consisting of mainly 
engine fixes which addresses the following issues and other reported crashes.

1. Revolution 2.5 starting up on OS X 10.1.x
2. Menus in Revolution 2.5 (OS X)
3. Correct TechSmith installer for Windows distribution
4. MySQL libs linked against the latest version of MySQL (OS X, Windows, Linux)
5. Greater differentiation between Revolution and Dreamcard downloads
6. "Revolution Player" renamed to "Revolution Dreamcard Player"
7. Smaller file sizes for Revolution Dreamcard Player downloads

The files can be found here

As always please make backups before testing out the new distribution
and don't give this link out to anyone. Thanks.


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