Why 10 hours for a newbie and 30 days for a "programmer"

j runrev at davidjdowns.com
Tue Sep 7 16:47:25 EDT 2004

>>> A company buys one tool, not millions of chips.
>> A company buys a million licenses for each tool.
> Nope. That's just wrong. With rev, a company with millions of 
> customers only buys one copy of the program.

Don't tell me I'm wrong unless you understand my point.  That's not 
what I am talking about, Dan.

A company that builds software has to buy a license for every 
programmer.  Depending on the type of software, schools buy licenses 
based on (a) the number of computers, (b) the number of students and 
teachers who use the software, or (c) the number of students and 
teachers who use the computers.

If Microsoft were to start using Rev to do their programming 
exclusively, they would be buying a ton of Rev licenses tomorrow.  
Unlikely, true, but a few large software development firms using Rev 
would boost sales dramatically.  New York City School District buying 
licenses for student classes would do the same.

Do you know why today's high school History texts have so much info on 
Texas and California in them, while only a paragraph or two on Lincoln? 
  Is it because so much History happens in those two states?  Nope.  It 
is because Texas and California have statewide textbook adoption.  
Publishers know how big the education market is, and they are getting 
filthy rich as a result.


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