[ANN] European Revolution Conference

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Tue Sep 7 13:39:19 EDT 2004

European Revolution Conference
14-15-16 November 2004 Malta

The November 2004 EuroRevCon Features...

* Kevin Miller, Rev CEO Keynote Sunday evening and daily discussions
* Two full days of Rev presentations and discussions by expert Rev developers:
     Malte Brill
     Richard Gaskin
     Klaus Major
     Frederic Rinaldi
     Jan Schenkel
* Special pricing on Dan Shafer's book Revolution: Software at the 
Speed of Thought
* CDs loaded with Rev examples and tools offered to all attendees
* Special Rev License pricing for attendees

More information is available online at:    http://techietours.com/Rev/

Revolution Conference Tee Shirts and other goodies are available at:

Want to know more? Please get in touch...
email: rev at TechieTours.com
iChat: techietours

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Jim Sims
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