How to extract and/or delete a substack from a main stack

kee nethery kee at
Tue Sep 7 10:55:28 EDT 2004

Thank you Frank D Engel Jr.

To extract a substack (stackB) from a main stack (stackA), view the 
main and substack in the application browser. Select the substack in 
the application browser. Under Windows, right click on the substack, 
under Mac OS X, control click, and select "Top Level" from the popup 
menu. This will open the substack stack window. With the substack in 
the foreground, in the File menu, select Save As ... and you have 
extracted the substack.

Then if you wish to remove the substack, again right click or control 
click on the substack and select "Delete Substack" from the popup menu. 
Then save the main stack.

Kee Nethery

Why these functions are not in the Revolution menus is a mystery. Could 
the Revolution documentation person add this information into the 
online docs? Seems to me that if I search for substack, I should see 
something about extracting and deleting substacks from main stacks.

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