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Jim Hurley jhurley at infostations.com
Tue Sep 7 10:42:38 EDT 2004

>Mark Wieder wrote:
>Monday, September 6, 2004, 10:17:26 PM, you wrote:
>JH> But I can't locate the corresponding file for Express. Little help
>JH> please--Mac and Windows file names.
>Look for a *.pst or *.ost file somewhere. I don't use those programs
>myself, so I can't be too much help, but the file storage format is
>completely different from Eudora. It's a MS proprietary format and
>won't be much fun trying to get anything out of. You'd probably have
>more luck with a short Applescript or something to automate exporting
>the inbox to a text file and working from that.
>-Mark Wieder
>  mwieder at ahsoftware.net
>Alex Tweedly wrote:
>Don't know about the Mac, but on Windows you can use menu Tools /
>Options... then select the Maintenance tab; click on "Store folder" and it
>will tell you (and let you change) which folder the files are stored in.
>The bad news is that the data is stored in ".mbx" files, which are in an
>undocumented MS proprietary format. I had a brief try at decoding it once,
>couldn't find any good info via Google, and the format wasn't obvious - so
>I gave up; it was easier to grab the mail before it got into a user's
>mailbox using a POP3 library. In theory Eudora can import Outlook Express
>mailboxes, but I didn't have any success with that (was an older Eudora, so
>worth trying a current one).
>btw - there's a good POP3 library available (through RevNet).
>-- Alex.

Mark and Alex,

Thanks for the suggestions.

Too bad about the proprietary MS format in Express. Next time I write 
a check to MS I will use a proprietary check format.


I tried to look into the POP3 library but now find that I can't 
access RevNet. I get a proxy format error. I tried as 
suggested earlier on this list but to no avail.


The person who would be using the program is a Windows user. So 
Applescript is out.

Unfortunately, my experience with POP is weak.


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