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I had the same problem. I use:

on preopenStack
  global blFlagStartUpRoutineDone
  if blFlagStartUpRoutineDone is empty
    put true into blFlagStartUpRoutineDone
    insert the script of button "BL BackScripts" into back
    send mouseup to btn "InsertFS" in 2 seconds
  end if
end preopenStack

I delay the insertion of the frontScripts as above, since otherwise the
process interferes with Revolution's frontscripts.

All the above learned by experience.



At 6:16PM -0400 9/6/04, Hershel Fisch wrote:
>Hi all ,
>I'm trying to figure out how the insert script works.
>I have a "script Lib." stack containing only custom handlers and
>I have a sub stack "myStack" in an openStack message I  put in "insert
>script from stack "script Lib" into back"
>Now when I open the sub stack "mySTack" the on openStack message
>triggers the handler from the script lib. even its into back and I have
>an on openStack in the main stack.  Also when open another sub stack
>with no insert script in it , it triggers that same script as said
>above , wondering , what is the proper understanding of the "insert
>script" .
>Thanks a mill. Hershel
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