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Monday, September 6, 2004, 10:30:35 AM, you wrote:

PS> Hello Marian :-)

PS> Can you relate what's the Labor Day we have n't at all, there in France
PS> ? Thanks for helping to expend my little Worldaround knowedge :)

I'll fill in for Marian for a moment...

We're a bit behind the times here in the US. While the rest of the
world celebrates labor on the first of May, we wait until the first
Monday until September because of the "unpleasant" connections of
Mayday with... er... labor. Although if I remember correctly, Maggie
Thatcher also tried to move the UK off the standard and substitute a
holiday for the Queen Mum's birthday.

PS> About saving QT videos to disk, i use QuickTime Pro (US $ 29 or so)
PS> witch include the "save to disk" feature. There are probably other ways
PS> (Rev QT libs, QT Java Libs, etc...) to do the same but it's the onest i
PS> know about, at this time.

I've gotten so used to the "save to disk" feature of QTPro that I tend
to forget that the normal QT version doesn't normally support it. If
the QT browser plugin is configured for it, though, you can also find
QT videos in the browser cache directory.

-Mark Wieder
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