responding to clicks in QT wired sprites?

Trevor DeVore lists at
Mon Sep 6 13:56:08 EDT 2004

On Sep 6, 2004, at 10:05 AM, Troy Rollins wrote:
> On Sep 6, 2004, at 12:56 PM, Trevor DeVore wrote:
>> As Troy and Klaus mentioned there are functions for interacting with 
>> wired sprites though no general action like hotSpotClicked which is 
>> triggered when any sprite is clicked.  Do you need a general message 
>> when a sprite is clicked or can you add a DebugStr or 
>> ApplicationNumberAndString message when creating the wired movies?  I 
>> don't know if QT sends a message whenever sprites are clicked but if 
>> you need something like this I can ask on the QT API list and see if 
>> it is possible.
> I believe there has to be some initiative sent by the QT, in one of 
> the forms you've mentioned. AFAIK, if the sprite is wired internally, 
> but does not generate a message in one of those forms, then there 
> isn't any way to "extract" the event.

I just ran some quick tests and it doesn't look like any messages are 
sent but I sent an inquiry to the QT API list in case there is some way 
to register a listener or something along those lines.  I'm not sure if 
this would be useful or not as I've always just wired movies for 
communication with the host app but now I'm intrigued by the 
possibility :-)

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