Copying Menus

James Spencer jspencer78 at
Mon Sep 6 13:04:16 EDT 2004

It strikes me that this should be easy but I'm a dolt and can't figure 
it out.  Nor can I find anything in the "documentation" (one more voice 
in the wilderness: the documentation is great for looking up specific 
Transcript elements but stinks for figuring out how to use the 
development environment).

I have a project based on three related stacks (at this point, they are 
arranged as a main stack and two substacks in a single file) which is 
intended to run exclusively under OS X (which matters only because the 
menus are intended to only be at the top of the screen and no space has 
been left in any of the stacks for a menu bar on the card).  All three 
have related but slightly different menus.  What I would like to do is, 
  having developed my menus for the main stack,  to be able to copy that 
menubar group from the main stack to the other two stacks where I want 
to be able to edit them without having to recreate the menus and their 
scripts from scratch for each substack.

I can copy the main stack's group by temporarily making it a windows 
style menu (on the card) selecting the group and copying it and then 
restoring the main stack's menu to the top of the screen.  I can then 
paste this into the substack but, of course, it appears on the card and 
when I set it to be at the top of the screen,  Rev moves my content up. 
  Problem, of course is that I didn't forsee a problem in copying the 
menu bar so I didn't leave space at the top of the card and I'm losing 
part of my content.  I've tried variations of this some of which at 
least show the menus but Menu Builder won't edit them.

I thought I might be able to copy and pasting the original menu bar 
group from the Application Browser but this doesn't seem to be 
permitted: when I paste the group, regardless of what is selected and 
displayed in the Browser, a second copy of the group is placed in the 
original stack.

Am I overlooking something obvious or does anyone have any suggestions?

James P. Spencer
Rochester, MN

jspencer78 at

"Badges??  We don't need no stinkin badges!"

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