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Sun Sep 5 22:22:22 EDT 2004

> On Sep 4, 2004, at 10:53 PM, Judy Perry wrote:
>> Right, but I suspect that the issue is less one of needing
>> area-specific
>> specificity (ala SQL, TCP, animation etc.) and more one of developers
>> not
>> wanting to be bothered with the posts of nonprogrammers.
> That sounds a bit harsher than the intention. I was thinking more in
> lines of "peer groups." People with similar knowledge levels and needs.
> I know, I know... but Revolution and its community is different... no
> argument there.
> --
> Troy
> RPSystems, Ltd.

My most memorable experience with the Revolution community was when my 11 
year old son made his first program with rev. There was no DreamCard list 
then, so this list seemed appropriate for the announcement.

Anyway, he received many e-mails from around the world from professional 
programmers who complimented him on his achievement. He even got one from 
the CEO of RunRev! What a self-esteem booster! If you could have only seen 
the joy on his face. I sincerely appreciate the kind words that were 
expressed by the fine people that contribute to this list.

As for differentiation, since DreamCard "is really" Revolution with a 
different splash screen, I would think that THIS LIST is the place to be, 
regardless of level of experience, IMHO. Now, if DC were actually a 
different program altogether, then definitely a separate list would be 
needed, but transcript is transcript. We might actually learn a thing or 
two from these fresh brains. I wonder why runrev didn't at least change 
the look of DC. If the novice user is the target audience, wouldn't it 
make sense to have a GUI that perhaps invokes a "wizard" for each object 
that is placed into a new stack? At the completion of the wizard, a basic 
working script would be auto-generated, and as the novice learns more 
tricks, they can try stuff by modifying their scripts.

Kind Regards,
Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at>

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