Scrollbars and LittleArrows

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>Thanks to everybody that has chimed in over these issues I've been having;
>what a great resource! I've learned much from your experiences. I did
>discover on my own that a negative lineInc will be generated when the
>endValue is smaller than the startValue. I have also learned that I must set
>the thumbSize prior to any other settings or my thumbPosition values come
>back completely whacked.
>My latest oddity is that my littlearrows never reaches its endValue. If I
>have a control with a startValue of 1 and an endValue of 10, the
>thumbPosition always stops at 9. I was wondering if this was due to the
>thumbSize being 1? But then shouldn't my thumbPositional also stop at 2?


To get the thumbpos to range from 0 to 10, set the thumbsize to 0. 
You needn't be concerned that the scrollbar of zero thumbsize will 
its evolutionary advantage.


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