What about the quit menuitem in standalone with 2.5?

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Sun Sep 5 19:03:25 EDT 2004

> That said, I'll request directly the consideration of providing a 
> professional developer's list for those with current licenses for 
> studio or above.

I agree and would like to see the access to the improve list extended. 
I am a current Enterprise license holder (or whatever it is called now) 
but the Studio edition with some add-ons will give me what I need for a 
lot less, so unless the pricing structure changes, I am likely to 
reduce my license to a Studio edition when it expires. However I still 
have a keen interest in working to improve the overall product and 
would really like to be allowed to continue to participate in the 
improve list.

>  While DC is an awesome thing for RunRev, it has the potential of 
> being less awesome for pro developers who need to be focused. One list 
> really does not suit all needs. Frankly, I'm not too inclined to hang 
> out on a list with the dreamcarder who wants to make a Pokemon 
> database as his 6th grade science project. I have nothing against 
> them, but I also don't buy the Enterprise edition for hobby 
> programming.
OK, let's analyze what our 6th grader needs for his Pokemon card 
collection: interface design, database access, multimedia, printing, 
pricing, trading, online auctions perhaps? We all think that our 
projects are the only ones worth doing :-) but this 6th grader might 
have some good creative ideas and we ALL needed help when starting. It 
was freely given and I would hate to see the Rev community reach a 
stage where the professionals had learnt what they needed but were now 
reluctant to pass this on to any beginners or hobbyists.

Please keep the main use list together and extend access to the improve 


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