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Le 5 sept. 04, à 02:05, Dan Shafer a écrit :

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> I'm not opposed to *some* fragmentation along fairly broad lines. But 
> I think creating special lists to discuss SQL or text processing or 
> animation would be a mistake.

Probably are they some ones of us yet using SQL tools because they 
discovered interesting threads beside what they was firstly searching 
for, outside of any SQL interest...
> One of the problems is that new people often have trouble figuring out 
> which list to ask a question. As a result, they either go away 
> bewildered and lost (and become non-users) or they cross-post to every 
> list they think might  be able to help (and thereby incur the wrath of 
> those who see the separation of lists for efficiency as a Good Thing). 
> I particularly don't like the idea of creating lists of newbies and 
> "experienced users." Exactly when does one cross that line? And how 
> many experienced users will end up, in the long run, being willing to 
> monitor the newbie list where the same question will inevitably be 
> raised multiple times?
> This community is not yet so large -- and this list is not yet so busy 
> -- that we can't stay together on one list, in my view. I'm as busy as 
> anyone out there, I suspect, and I find time to monitor traffic and be 
> fairly active.
> If there *is* a need for some segmentation, we can get part way there 
> by adopting some subject-line conventions so that the first N 
> characters of a post tell you what the general subject is, making it 
> perhaps easier and more efficient to monitor the traffic without 
> further sub-dividing our already tiny family.

It's probably easyest to have one list archive to search in, in using 
your so usefull "Rev List Search" plugin, Richard, than to have to 
search inside many ones ;)

Best, Pierre

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