Creating more (and specific) lists...Was ???

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Sep 4 13:53:01 EDT 2004

Dave LeYanna wrote:

> I may well be that RunRev has matured enough and has a diversified enough
> following to warrant a few separate lists.

It's already happened:

- use-revolution:
   This list, general discussion about using Transcript and
   the Rev IDE

- improve-revolution: discussion for Enterprise license holders
   about advances feature requests, defining them there before
   submitting them to Bugzilla

- RevDocs <>:
   Working group to create, refine, and present recommendations
   for improving documentation from RunRev and possibly third
   parties as well.

- MetaCard list <>
   Working group for the ongoing enhancement of the MetaCard IDE

- Revolution IPC <>:
   Working group for an open source library to provide inter-
   process communication between Rev-built apps using TCP.

- Revolution Board DE <>:
   German-language discussion of Revolution.

- revJournal <>:
   While not a discussion list per se, it is the premier
   webzine for Revolution developers and has some feedback
   discussion from readers there.

- xTalks <>:
   Discussion on refining proposals for new language extensions
   with the aim of encouraging all xTalk vendors to implement
   new language features consistently across products.

- SoCal Rev <>:
   Discussion for planning meetings of the Southern California
   Rev User Group.

- Rev Interop <>:
   New working group for defining a standard for handling
   component metadata in software developed with Rev.

There may be others as well.  I've heard tell of an education-focused 
list, but couldn't find it.  It might be useful to start one.

Remember that the Transcript community is more than 14 years old; while 
Revolution was born a few years ago, the MetaCard technology on which 
it's based was born in 1992.  Given the maturity and breadth of the 
ever-evolving community, it's not surprising that there are so many 
venues for discussing different aspects of programming with Rev.  It's 
like dining at a restaurant that serves one main dish and has a broad 
range to choose from on the desert tray.

Dreamcard is positioned as a very different product from Rev, addressing 
a very different audience.  If for no other reason than to help RunRev's 
positioning of the product, I think it would be useful to have a new 
list focused on that product.  There may be other good reasons as well, 
and as we see it would not be without precedent. :)

I have no doubt that a good many of the contributors here will also 
subscribe to that list.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Media Corporation
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