[ANN] Inspect without clicking in 2.5? FREE!

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Sat Sep 4 12:22:33 EDT 2004

Hi Jerry,

> Fellow babies...

Yes, daddy :-)

> If you miss the old method of inspecting objects in Revolution where 
> you DIDN'T have to option-command click in selection mode to order to 
> inspect, there is a FREE solution to your problem.

Well, i was actually NOT pissed of ;-)

> Click the link below to find out more and download said solution:
>     http://www.daniels-mara.com/inspector
> Check it out. Click-free inspection just like the old (pre-2.5) days.
> This product is free of charge and documented on the above web site.
> Enjoy,

"constellation" looks ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!

Can't wait to get hold of it :-)

> Jerry

Best from sunny germany

Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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