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Fri Sep 3 15:28:08 EDT 2004

On 3/9/04 8:30 pm, "Troy Rollins" <troy at rpsystems.net> wrote:

>> If I were Revolution, I would state something along the lines:
>> "Note: OS's not currently supported by their manufacturer may also
>> have problems running certain features of Revolution"
> True, but given that fact that those OS's are not likely to change
> much, it should also seem appropriate to indicate specifically what
> features those are which can be expected to misbehave. I mean, if XML
> is known to not work in Win95, why not just indicate that rather than
> leave it to the individual developer to play hit-and-miss... either
> that, or drop the suggestion that it supports those OS's at all.

In 2.5 we did have had a policy of either supporting something or clearly
dropping it, and as far as possible we've done that with most components.
And we will continue that trend over future versions.  We did fully intend
to sort even this XML glitch on Windows 95, it was just one of those things
that didn't quite make it.  Partly we had to wait quite a while because the
original report didn't have enough information and we weren't supplied more
information when we requested it (we had to be sure it was a "real" issue
and not a problem unique to the reporter's "Virtual PC", and get information
on what was installed on the system, for which we sent detailed
instructions), and by the time a member of the team had time to go and get
that information themselves, it was getting later in the release cycle and
harder to fit it in.  With only one report of this issue and release
looming, it got missed.  But it shall be fixed (or if impossible to fix,
officially noted as unsupported) very shortly.

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