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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Sep 3 13:00:44 EDT 2004

Robert Brenstein wrote:
> Is there a way to get to the Learning Center in the web browser?
> I find the mention of Learning Center only in the "What's new" page on 
> RR's web but no link and no mention how to access it.
> I personally usually first check the documentation and learning 
> materials for any new product I am considering to buy or use. Only then 
> I decide whether to bother fetching a trial version.

Good idea for RunRev.

I've been adding RevNet-like systems to all of the products I build to
help with support, provide additional training, etc., and for all info
not exclusively private to our users we use a dual-output workflow which
lets us author in one place for one-click publishing to both the Web and
the online stackware.  Portions of RevNet have been working like that
for years.

Without also publishing content to the web, the investment in such media
can have no influence on the largest and most important audience: those
who haven't yet downloaded your product.

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  Fourth World Media Corporation
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