What about the quit menuitem in standalone with 2.5?

Troy Rollins troy at rpsystems.net
Fri Sep 3 11:49:29 EDT 2004

On Sep 3, 2004, at 11:23 AM, Kevin Miller wrote:

> There is a simple rule when developing in DC/Rev.  If it crashes its 
> almost
> certainly a bug.  We provide a bug reporting facility and act quickly 
> to
> resolve issues.  By filing it in the database we can fix it.  Posting 
> to
> this mailing list doesn't get the information logged by our developer 
> team.
> This list is for the discussion of how to use the product, so please 
> do not
> report bugs here.


With all due respect, this is an EXTREMELY frustrating position you are 
taking. Discussion of bugs is not only common on developer lists, it is 
expected. While no one expects the development team to pick up on bugs 
from discussions here, often times it is the end-user introducing some 
issue, or the list members know a workaround, or simply prefer to know 
about such issues before they encounter them. The RunRev stance of 
trying to keep such discussions out of this list will also keep 
professional developers out of this list, since we are quite accustomed 
to open discussion of any usage issues regarding the tools we work 
with. Limiting such discussion, and demanding that Bugzilla be the only 
point of entry on these things makes it look like you are trying to 
hide something, and it is also a very low feedback mechanism. It is 
akin to saying, "if you encounter what you think is a bug, put your 
development project on the shelf until we determine if you are right or 
wrong. That could take an indefinite amount of time, during which you 
are out of luck."

If the intention of this list is to act like a marketing vehicle where 
everyone is happy, and there are no apparent bugs in the software, then 
I think we need another, more reality-based list, aimed at registered 
users of studio or above which is more open to discussion of bugs, 
workarounds and solutions to the inevitable issues that arise in 
professional software development.
RPSystems, Ltd.

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