Why 10 hours for a newbie and 30 days for a "programmer"

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On 03.09.2004, at 08:36, Chipp Walters wrote:
> Other than that, they are identical. Now, if you were to purchase Rev, 
> then you can build your own standalones (kinda like SuperCard), 
> whereas if you purchase the less expensive Dreamcard, you'll need to 
> bundle the player (kinda like HyperCard). But, you can always upgrade 
> from Dreamcard to Revolution if you want to make a standalone of your 
> Dreamcard stack.
> There are probably many reasons for creating the new Dreamcard 
> product. As a professional user, I am happy RR has decided to separate 
> the two products as IMO, there are both pluses and minuses for a 
> product like Dreamcard. Plus: Easy to use and get started with, 
> recognizable 'card' metaphor with Apple folks. Minus: Association with 
> Hypercard and poorly designed stacks can create a 'stigma' for 
> professional developers (this happened with my previous company and 
> Director a few years ago).
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>  If you have any other questions, please ask :-)
Thanks for you offer Chipp,
I m not Keith, but I would like to ask you too, because of your clear 
answers. Some newbies here asked me. We are from an eastern ex Comecon 
country (Ukraine), therefore we prefer Dreamcard (the price of course). 
But... Why does the same testfile (they mean: stack) have 7 MB with the 
Dreamcard player and only about 2-3 MB as a rev build standallone (They 
know my test apps). "How should we explain this to our costumers, if 
they have Internet, in Ukraine, which have mostly Modems (pay for 
DL-time)? Cant be the Startup-screen?

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