dragging 2 windows in synch

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Fri Sep 3 03:55:46 EDT 2004

Hi Scott,

I've a very easy to implement library for doing just about what you 
want. It's called 'altBuddyStack' and available at the bottom of page:


or just put in the msg:

go URL "http://www.altuit.com/webs/altuit2/RunRev/altbuddystack.rev" and 
you can see it work.

It has the advantage of being VERY EASY TO IMPLEMENT with existing 
stacks/windows. The disadvantage of only moving the stacks together 
after the mouse is up (something you don't want to do).



Scott Morrow wrote:

>> Recently, "Scott Morrow"  wrote:
>>> Is there a technique to maintain the relative location of a secondary
>>> stack while dragging the primary stack.  I'm not looking to just update
>>> the window location after the move has completed but to visually  drag
>>> it along with the window that the user is moving.  I'm building
>>> routines for simulating drawer behaviors outside of OSX.

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