OSX GUI Manipulation?

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Thu Sep 2 19:47:06 EDT 2004

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> 	Subject: 	Re: OSX GUI Manipulation?
> 	Date: 	September 1, 2004 9:19:27 PM CDT
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>>> The only reliable solution: your app does "the thing" and doesn't rely
>>> on any other apps to do "the thing."
>> And your point is what?
>> The point of my app is to control unscriptable actions of a commercial
>> application.
> My points are thus:
> (1) Why wouldn't users just use the commercial application, rather than
> buy a second application to control an application they already own?

And what commercial application is that? There are no commercial
applications that do what my app will do. That is why I am trying to build
my  application.

You seem to be saying that to run a word processor, people should buy a C
programming application and build a word processor.

Let us try this yet again:

The point of this exercise is for me to build and market a custom
application that provides scripted control of the GUI of a commercial
appliation, in order to add certain specific features that are not
available either as standard features of the commerical app *or* as
scripted features using normal applescript techniques. This is something I
have done in the past, pre - OSX.

> (2) How is it worse to require users of your app to buy QuicKeys or
> whatever, when they are already required to own some other commercial
> app to use your app?

How is it worse to buy TWO applications from two different vendors? Well,
it probably costs more don't you suppose?

The pre - OSX version of Facespan did exactly what I need: let me build
self-contained apps that have the features I create, and which I can
distribute on my terms. I asked if Rev had these features. It appears that
it does not.

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