LittleArrows Problem

Arthur Urban aturban at
Thu Sep 2 14:19:57 EDT 2004

> > > Maybe it's just late, but there seems to be a problem with 
> > > LittleArrows. Whenever I click on the up portion of the 
> control, the 
> > > current value is decreased, and clicking in the down portion 
> > > increases the thumb value. This seems very non-intuitive. Just me?
> >
> >I'm surprised nobody had anything to say about this. Anybody at 
> >Revolution want to give it a go?
> I've had a try (though I'm not at Revolution).
> I see the same effect - but I don't think it's wrong (though 
> I agree it's 
> counter-intuitive).
> I *think* this is because it's a scrollbar - and if you picture these 
> Little Arrows moving your position within a "virtual 
> document" (i.e. like 
> the up-arrow and down-arrow at the top and bottom of a 
> regular scrollbar), 
> then this would be the correct direction for the value-change of the 
> "thumbposition".

Okay. Well, could probably get used to that behavior as well. Just seems
like they missed a chance to make something easy.

> >I've also discovered some other interesting math "behaviour" 
> in regards 
> >to LittleArrows. If I do this in a script (to fix the above 
> bug), I get 
> >incorrect results:
> >
> >     put -(the thumbPosition of me)
> >
> >If the thumbPosition happens to be at -6, I get 6.001984 
> instead of 6. 
> >This is quite surprising, but I'm glad I haven't spent the 
> $300 yet...
> Not sure about this - I suspect that once you put the value into an 
> expression, it will be evaluated and printed to full decimal 
> places, wheres 
> when used as a value on its own, suitable rounding is applied 
> automatically. But that's only a guess without seeing more 
> context (and, 
> probably, knowing more than I do about RunRev).

Now this one, I do not feel there is an excuse for. The negation of -6 is 6,
not some approximation. Somebody at Revolution really needs to respond to
this, but I don't know how active they are on this list. I would really like
to have more confidence in the underlying math that Revolution is
performing, and this does not help.

Is there any formal way to report "Bugs" to Revolution?

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