Why 10 hours for a newbie and 30 days for a "programmer"

Keith Hutchison keith.hutchison at balance-infosystems.com
Thu Sep 2 14:11:13 EDT 2004

Exactly :-)

> Because it's in Rev's best interest that they learn to use *their* product
> instead of somebody else's...
> Judy
> On Wed, 1 Sep 2004, Dan Shafer wrote:
> > If they have _no_ skills or background training in software but want to
> > learn, why should they learn for free?

Let me state that I prefer REALbasic to Runtime Revolution.
My graphic artist prefers Runtime Revolution to REALbasic

I am off to train another graphic artist in the use of REALbasic next week.
I have asked 'my' graphic artist to evaluate Runtime Revolution _before_
I go. I figure that if one graphic art's person prefers Runtime Revolution
then the chances are high that another might. I don't care which one they
use, as long as they are weaned off Filemaker :-) and can access the
postgreql backend.

Let's hope he can give me a recommendation _before_ the ten hours is up.

Keith Hutchison

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