Who is chuck yeager? (OT)

Mark Brownell gizmotron at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 2 10:45:19 EDT 2004

On Thursday, September 2, 2004, at 01:04 AM, Klaus Major wrote:

>> At the time, he was purported to have had a dislocated shoulder, but 
>> he knew
>> the flight surgeon would ground him, so he didn't report it, made the 
>> flight
>> in a lot of pain.
> Oh my god! He's a hero!
>> In 1990, while I was in the Civil Air Patrol, Lake Tahoe Sqdn, I met 
>> him in
>> person at an aerospace education conference (10,000 teachers, 
>> high-ranking
>> NASA, FAA, USAF personnel, and other 'living legend' historical 
>> figures in
>> aviation) which lasted three days in Reno, Nevada.
>> I consider it a priviledge.
>> Oh, and one more historical item. I think he was the only fighter 
>> pilot at
>> the end of WWII to shoot down the famous German jet from a 
>> piston-engine
>> propellered aircraft (a P-51).
> Thank you for this one, very compassionate! :-D
>> Ken N.
> Regards
> Klaus Major

Hilarious !  Chuck Yeager, scourge of the mighty Luftwaffa.


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