Rev Online Viewer

Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu Sep 2 05:49:17 EDT 2004

two questions
1. is there a way to stop it opening each time you open 2.5 (Dreamcard) ?
Seems like there should be a preference - but the revOnline pref is only 
for update checks, and I can't find anything under Edit/Prefs ....

2. is it only me, or does revOnline hang (freeze) for 10-20 seconds if you 
are not connected to the internet ?

I can't close the window, or do anything else in RR, for 10-20 seconds. If 
I am connected, there's a brief (one second ?) delay; sounds like it's 
waiting until some connection attempt times out - but surely it should be 
doing that in a parallel thread, not holding up the rest of RR while it tries.

(note - an answer to #1 above would make #2 less important :-)
-- Alex.

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