Why 10 hours for a newbie and 30 days for a "programmer"

Wolfgang M.Bereuter wmb at internettrainer.com
Thu Sep 2 04:11:27 EDT 2004

On 02.09.2004, at 03:30, Dan Shafer wrote:

> And this whole discussion is, at least for now, kind of moot because:
> (a) RunRev aren't likely to change their policy without a lot more 
> feedback from users of the Dreamcard product; and
> (b) As someone has already pointed out a couple of times, you can 
> always get the 30-day trial of Rev.
> This feels to me like a tempest in a teapot when we should all be 
> beating up on and extolling the virtues (and finding the flaws) of the 
> new release. So I'm going to shut up on this subject now and get back 
> to my real love: programming in Rev! Yoohoo!

Sorry Dan,
but with all the respect to your great postings and big ideas here, 
which I appreciated very much all the time. But this sounds to me 
deprecative, like:
"What do you, Rev user, want? You have to buy the license, evengelise 
and praise our product all the time, not matter what you are personally 
thinking about it. Therefore we will definitly *not* change ours 

I m sorry for you, that the Gys and Gals here do not like your Idea of 
the 10 hours license, assuming its from you, how enthusiastic you 
defend it...
I know you have the personality to rethink about it. So please take a 
short "time out" and rethink. If nit and you change to the "syndicate" 
of uncritical rev prayers, that would be a big loss for all of us and a 
loss of many future coming revolutionries.

Wolfgang M. Bereuter

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