Lots of Crashes

Dan Shafer revdan at danshafer.com
Thu Sep 2 00:58:47 EDT 2004

I have experienced only one crash so far and that wasn't a crash so 
much as it was a hang-at-launch identical to what I experienced 
repeatedly in 2.2.1 and which I BZ'd tonight as Bug #2112.

Otherwise, this release has been quite stable on OS X 10.3.5.

On Sep 1, 2004, at 10:28 PM, Derek Bump wrote:

> I have to say, I'm experiencing a LOT of crashes in Rev 2.5.  The 
> unfortunate thing is that I can't seem to isolate the incidents.  But 
> I can say that I've finally found a use for the SmartSave stack!
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