downloading trial DreamCard gives me Revolution 2.5

j runrev at
Wed Sep 1 19:38:23 EDT 2004

Okay, I see now that you are correct.  The two apps launch separately 
and they are now, in fact, Rev 2.5 and Dreamcard.  The problem is, as 
they both look and function the exact same except for standalone 
building (apparently), why the heck would anyone prefer a 10 hour trial 
to a 30 day trial for (essentially) the exact same product?  Seems like 
everyone would opt for the 30 day choice.  *shrug*

Regardless, although Rev looks great and seems to be lowering the 
learning curve with each new release, the heir to HyperCard it still 
ain't, especially with respect to elegance of interface and ease of 
use.  Dreamcard needs further simplification if it hopes to target the 
educational and home markets.


On Sep 1, 2004, at 6:30 PM, j wrote:

> Essentially the same?  Well, that's not the way I read the press 
> release.  Rev 2.5 looks nothing like HyperCard.  The announcement made 
> me believe that Dreamcard would be scaled back and have a lot less 
> on-screen clutter; more for the consumer and less for the programmer.  
> Should they both look the same when I launch them?
> J.
> On Sep 1, 2004, at 6:10 PM, Björnke von Gierke wrote:
>> Essentially the two products are the same, only you cannot make 
>> applications with Dreamcard. So buying both would be kind of strange 
>> anyway.
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