downloading trial DreamCard gives me Revolution 2.5

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Wed Sep 1 19:10:23 EDT 2004

Essentially the two products are the same, only you cannot make 
applications with Dreamcard. So buying both would be kind of strange 

On Sep 02 2004, at 01:06, j wrote:

>> The products are differentiated by the license key you enter.  If you
>> requested Dreamcard you will have a Dreamcard key, and if you launch 
>> the
>> program you will notice the splash screen says Dreamcard.
> The problem is that I want to try both Dreamcard and Rev 2.5.  I 
> downloaded them (it) twice, entered the two different keys in the two 
> different copies of the app, and they are still both Rev 2.5.  I 
> suspect the key is being stored in some file which happens to be named 
> the same thing for both copies.  What if I had ponied up money 
> yesterday for both before trying them?
> J.
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