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Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Wed Sep 1 17:19:03 EDT 2004

Nice work on the 2.5 update overall. Deserves to be called a "re-launch" of 

Some things that aren't quite bugs but poor design:

- The activation screen cannot be closed except by bringing up Task Manager. 
Very rude!

- I can't view any of the videos on the Rev Online Learning Center site. It 
tries to download a codec ("tscc?") but fails to do so. Attempted on 
multiple machines. The videos shouldn't require a special codec, or the 
codec should be installed with Revolution. (I was able to search for the 
codec on Goole and install it from 
http://www.techsmith.com/products/studio/codecdownload.asp )

- Why are the videos opening in in Windows Media player anyway? I thought 
Rev was the ultimate multimedia authoring tool. Shouldn't we be viewing 
inline video, if not all-singing and dancing animations and stuff? (ooooh, 
maybe Rev can't play a "card within a card?")

- In the Sample Scripts section, The user can't select/copy any of the text 
in the "Solution:" script examples. What is the point of that? You can copy 
the rest of the text.

- Whenever a list of stuff is shown (i.e., if you view all sample scripts 
and get the blue-bar list) it's not obvious that clicking it will bring you 
to the page describing it. There should at least be a view "button"

- Why is using "send" more reliable/preferred to using a repeat loop? (99 
bottles of beer example)

- Adding a scrollbar to a field when the contents overflow it: i click after 
the colon, type a letter, scrollbar appears. (even though the field hasn't 
technically overflowed yet). I type backspace, scrollbar disables but is 
still present.

- When loading a page in the "Video Tutorials" section, the introductory 
paragraph(s) appear, then there is a pause while the video downloads. It is 
not obvious until I hunt all over the screen and notice the "Downloading..." 
message in the lower-left corner what is happening. When the download 
completes, a whole bunch more text suddenly appears below the "Play" button. 
Wouldn't it be better if all the text appeared, and the "Play" button was 
disabled and displayed (Downloading 43%) or something?

Bill Marriott
runrev at wjm.org

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