Why 10 hours for a newbie and 30 days for a "programmer" ?

Mark Brownell gizmotron at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 1 15:10:27 EDT 2004

On Wednesday, September 1, 2004, at 11:32 AM, Klaus Major wrote:

> Wow!
> So what? ;-)

So Chuck Yeager got Dreamcard and just finished creating a 
ground-school trainer in 9.45 hours. :)

The first steps of learning how to program aren't easy.  I think there 
needs to be a roadmap to getting started with the Dreamcard demo. In my 
opinion this needs to be a face to face demo or be the demo video's 
created with Camtasia Studio. Only after that should the ten hours by 
put into play. Furthermore 40 hours would not make much of a difference 
without a beginner presentation.


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