use-revolution Digest, Vol 12, Issue 3

Fred D Yocum fdy at
Wed Sep 1 13:13:00 EDT 2004


Supercard - 30 day trial
RealBasic - 10 day trial
Visual Studio 2005 Express (take your pick) Beta - free download

The choice of 10 days is arbitrary, grounded on a marketing strategy. If 
you are hoping to scoop up stack based programmers who are searching for a 
new multiplatform home ten days is enough, but not for the average Mac/PC 
user today who has no experience of HypherCard.  They are going to need 
more time than the 10 days. 

The issue I suppose I was raising is not that you don't have a road map, 
as that you own the road  and can change it as you see fit. It appears 
that internally there is no difference between Dreamcard and the full 
program, it is just which key you put in the ignition.  It doesn't cost 
any more to give a trial version of 10 days or 30. Which dealer would you 
be more inclined to buy from, the one who let you drive the car around the 
block or the one who gave it to you for the weekend? Especially when you 
know there is no 'cost' attached to either option.

F D Yocum

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